Hunan Jialin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Hunan Jialin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was born under the times background "German Industry 4.0", "the United States Industrial Internet" and “Made in China 2025". It’s the venture project for returnee students, which is supported by Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, and it is the high-tech enterprises which focus on the industry 4.0 project researches and development, design, manufacturing, installation and debugging, system integration, technical advisory services as a whole. Our company adheres to the professional, modern, group and international development ideas.   

We are committed to improving the production efficiency and the product quality, and also reducing the labor costs for the factory as our responsibility.  And we strive to arm our customers with high-tech equipment and help them to enhance the brand image and market competitiveness.  

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